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Hamilton Loomis to open the seventh Dereham Blues Festival

We are thrilled that Hamilton Loomis is over here on tour and honoured that he will bring his band to headline at the 7th Dereham Blues Festival. People who have witnessed this stunning musician and his turbo charged shows will agree with the following: Described by Blues Blast Magazine as “a non-stop turbo of power, one minute moving from side to side of the stage, and then taking on his horn player in a head-cutting contest on the apron of the stage the next minute,” Loomis’ energetic, get-in-with–the-crowd antics are infectious.

"Being comfortable on stage is something that comes completely natural to me,” he says. “I feel joy when I play music and it literally moves me. It moves my body. I learned long ago that whenever music is coming from you, from deep inside your soul and from the right place, people will feel that on a deeper level and might not even know what’s going on inside of themselves. I enjoy engaging the crowd and feel a show should be an interactive experience.”  

In describing Loomis' musical style, Guitar Player magazine once stated, ​ "If blues, soul, and rock can be said to form a triangle, you’ll find Hamilton Loomis right in the centre of it"

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Bo Diddly was my mentor

"When I was coming up in the music scene, I was lucky to have musical mentors like Joe "Guitar" Hughes, Johnny Copeland, and of course, rock icon Bo Diddley.” Loomis also got help and advice from others including Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown and Albert Collins. “These ‘veterans’ took the time to teach and give advice to us youngsters, as if ‘passing the torch.”​

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